Top 25 Online Dating Profile Mistakes

We all make mistakes, but when putting your online dating profile together you might turn people away with your mistakes. Be sure NOT to do any of these 25 mistakes and you will be sure to improve your chances for successful online dating.

1 – You don’t include a photo in your profile.

2 – Your profile has only a few lines of text.

3 – Your profile photo is of you without your shirt on.

4 – You list all of your interests in the written portion of your profile when they are already listed elsewhere in your profile. (You might’ve answered those questions when you filled out the initial questionnaire.)

5 – You put your phone number or chat info in your profile. (Creepy!)

6 – You forgot to smile in your online profile photo.

7 – You try to connect with someone on Facebook or another social network before you actually know them.

8 – You talk about sex in your profile.

9 – You use cheesy pickup lines in your profile or in an e-mail. (Try giving a compliment for a woman or a compliment for a man instead.)

10 – You talk about previous relationships or other sad stories in your profile.

11 – You post deceptive pictures of yourself. For example, a picture of when you were 50 pounds thinner or 20 years younger.

12 – Your profile is more than 500 words.

13 – You copied someone else’s profile and used it as your own. (Stop being so lazy. Sign up for a professional online dating profile writing service)

14 – You think your online profile should be like your resume. Your job does not define you.

15 – You give some kind of threat or ultimatum in you profile. (i.e., “If you are just looking to party don’t e-mail me” or “Don’t wink, e-mails only”).

16 – You lie in your profile.

17 – You include overused language or clichés in your profile (i.e., “My friends say I’m” or “I am laid back, but I also like to have a good time.”)

18 – You don’t ever change up your profile. (Someone who passed you over once might take a second look if you change your photo and write-up from time to time.)

19 – You don’t look at other profiles to make sure yours is unique. (Read other online dating profile tricks.)

20 – Your profile pictures include pictures of other people.

21 – Your profile pics show babies or small children (and they aren’t even yours).

22 – Your handle/username is really long (people won’t remember you if your online name is too long or weird)

23 – You don’t ask a friend to look at your profile and suggest ways to improve it. (Your friends do know you best.)

24 – You use dirty jokes or sarcastic humor in your profile.

25 – You didn’t proofread your profile. (Run on sentences and spelling mistakes can be a huge turnoff to some people!)

For an even better profile, read the Dating Tales list of 50 Online Dating Tips or sign up for the Dating Tales professional online dating profile writing service.

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