Ten Clever Dating Profile Tricks

Sure you’ve read the Dating Tales list of 50 Online Dating Tips, but you still want to find more success in online dating. I don’t blame you.

Your next step is to follow these ten clever profile tricks. Unlike the list of 50, these aren’t just tips. This is a list of profile tricks that will help you get a few steps ahead of the online dating game.

1 – Browse magazine headlines for profile writing ideas. Borrow some of the words and catch phrases for your own profile. You need to think of your personal profile like an advertisement or the hottest article in a magazine.

2 – Some online daters search online profiles for very particular criteria. From time to time you should change up your profile adding different interests or hobbies. This way when people use the advanced search feature, they will find you when they wouldn’t have otherwise.

3 – Look at other profiles and mimic what you like. Make sure your profile is different from most of the others too.

4 – At the end or at the beginning of your profile ask a riddle or a question. Someone might be more inclined to e-mail you if they have something to say.

5 – Post your dating profile on several different single sites including Yahoo! Personals. At the end of one month keep the account that yielded the best results and dump the rest. You’ll be spread too thin if you try to manage several accounts.

6 – Create a video and then link to it in your profile. The video doesn’t have to be professionally done or very long. Just create a clever skit or do a quick Q&A and then post it to YouTube.

7 – Take a picture of yourself making funny faces or with a crazy hairdo. A profile photo that catches someone’s attention is never a bad thing.

8 – Don’t know what to say in your online profile? Use compliments from movies, famous quotes, or a passage from a book along with a sentence or two about why you chose to include it in your profile.

9 – Ask a friend to look over your profile. She might be able to give you ideas on how to make it better and might even catch a typo or two.

10 – Hire a professional online dating profile writing service to write or re-write your profile. No one even has to know.

I hope these ten clever dating profile tricks will help you get the most out of online dating. Even better, I hope this list of dating profile tricks sparked your creativity so you can try your own tricks too.

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