Online Dating Pros and Cons

Contemplating whether or not to join an online dating site, but also wondering if a matchmaking service like It’s Just Lunch might be more your speed? Dating Tales dissected this issue based on our readers’s feedback and our own personal experience.

Both online dating and matchmaking services have their place. The trick is deciding which one is right for your dating style and preferences.

Online Dating
Matchmaking Service
  • Online dating can be inexpensive and sometimes free
  • Might cost a bit more money than online dating.
  • There isn’t a profile to write, but you still have to complete a questionnaire (usually)
  • The more time you spend fine-tuning your profile and looking at other profiles, the more successful you’ll be.
  • The matchmaking service does the work for you. Time spent searching for people to date is usually zero.
  • It’s not exactly blind dating since you are able to chat online and talk on the phone. You even get to see photos before a date.
  • Dates through a matchmaking service are basically blind dates
  • All decision making lies in your hands. You get to pick your dates.
  • You have to trust someone else’s judgment – you don’t always get to pick who you date.
  • Very few single sites do background checks or keep track of your dates, so the risk is all on you.
  • The matchmaking service will know all the details of your date making it a pretty safe option.
  • It’s time consuming. You might spend months online before you go one date.
  • With speed dating you save a lot of time sifting through profiles. In only two hours you manage to meet several people.
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