How to Write Your Online Dating Profile

Writing an online dating profile can be daunting. You want to be honest and you want to be clever, but its hard to write about yourself! Its also hard to write in a way that makes you sound different from everyone else.

Dating Tales has put together several different sets of resources to help you write your own online dating profile including a set of online dating profile tricks and online dating mistakes, both of which are designed to help you create the best possible online profile.

Additionally, weve put together six sample online dating profile examples so you can get an idea of what an online profile should look like. Below is a short summary of each of those sample online dating profile examples with tips on what you should do and what you should not do in an online profile.

Sample Online Dating Profile Example One Craig, 32
Learn how Craig opened up the conversation for future e-mails and phone calls in his profile and learn what not to do when you first start online dating.

Sample Online Dating Profile Example Two Caroline, 26
Caroline commits a common online profile writing commandment; She wrote My friends say Im. On the other hand, she described her cat so well shed make any cat lover send an e-mail.

Sample Online Dating Profile Example Three Jeff, 41
Jeff did a good job listing his unique interests and hobbies, but then he went and talked about something too many people already talk about: travel.

Sample Online Dating Profile Example Four Wanda, 32
Wanda focused too much of her online dating profile on her kids, but she did write an excellent set of text describing her artistic side.

Sample Online Dating Profile Example Five Trisha, 54
In Trishas profile she makes a mistake of talking about her weight and her marriage requirements, but she does describe her previous life as a car salesperson pretty well.

Sample Online Dating Profile Example Six Ted, 48
See how Ted used a movie quote to open up his online profile. Also, Craig violated the number one rule in online profile writing. See for yourself why its bad to include a phone number in your profile.

The World’s Worst Online Dating Profile
This one you’ll just have to see for yourself.

If after reviewing our online dating tricks, tips, and samples you want help writing your online dating profile, sign up for the Dating Tales professional online dating profile writing service. We can help you find success in dating.

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