Dating Advice for Men

It doesn’t matter if you meet someone online, in a bar, or at the gym, there are certain rules in dating that should be followed.

This list of dating advice for men is meant to open the door to successful dating, and by no means is a complete list.  We post new articles every week so check back as this list of dating advice for men will expand.

Dating Advice for Men

1- A little bit of macho goes a long way. Check your muscles at the door.

2 – Show your playful side. Movies and dinner are nice, but impress your date with activities at the park or beach, for example.

3 – When dating, never under any circumstances talk about old flames and relationships.

4 – Bits of body language can be flirtatious without you even realizing. Don’t let your knees touch and tilt your head when you speak.

5 – Don’t play telephone games. If you want to call her, then just call her.

6 – If a woman shows interest in you it does not necessarily mean she is easy. Women today are more forward and aggressive than before, but she still deserves respect.

7 –  Keep the conversation going with questions. Ask your date about things important to her. Genuine curiosity is a turn-on.

8 – Make her laugh. Studies show that most people choose a mate based on sense of humor. Keep a few funny jokes and funny compliments in your repertoire, and then make her laugh!

9 – Yes, you know a lot. But don’t try to convince your date you know everything. Let her teach you a few things.

10 – Be available, but not too available. Every one likes somewhat of a challenge, don’t they?

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