50 Online Dating Tips

1 Use the Dating Tales Online Dating Pros and Cons page as a resource to help decide whether online dating or a matchmaking service is right for you.

2 Don’t be ashamed or judge yourself for joining an online dating site. Embrace it.

3 Be honest in your profile. That means including a recent photo and describing yourself fairly, i.e., the right height, weight, and age.

4 It’s hard to write funny. Unless you are an expert humor writer, leave jokes out of your profile and e-mails. You’d hate for someone to take your sarcasm the wrong way.

5 Don’t give up on online dating! Just because eHarmony rejects you or because you’ve had two or three bad dates, it doesn’t mean online dating can’t be worthwhile. Be patient.

6 Be a choosy winker.

7 It’s ok to be on the market for your soul mate or future spouse, but avoid sounding needy in your profile. Even those looking for love can be spooked by words of marriage and babies.

8 Try the Yahoo! Personals 7-Day Free Trial.

9 You don’t have to fill out the single site questionnaire entirely, but you do need to fill most of it out. When a profile only has one photo and little bit of information, that person just isn’t that appealing. Sell yourself!

10 Sometimes people don’t look like the photos they post on their profile. Before meeting with someone tell him or her that you’ll be holding a red purse or whatever. There’s nothing worse than going from table to table asking: ‘Are you Tom? Are you Tom? Tom?

11 Get your profile written by a professional online dating profile writing service.

12 Ask a question at the beginning or at the end of your online profile. This is a great conversation starter for someone who decides to e-mail you.

13 If you’re not sure you want to meet someone in person, flip a coin and then go anyway. You never know, he could be a fun date.

14 Laugh after a bad date. Online dating can make for funny dating stories.

15 Don’t come on too strong in your profile. Leave some personal details for later. For example, stories about your ex, that time you got arrested, and your favorite position in bed aren’t worth sharing right away.

16 If you meet someone online and you start to date, don’t lie about how you met. This ultimately backfires anyway (at least in my experience). Talk to each other about how you want to answer questions about how you met and then just be honest. You don’t have to share all the details, but like I said in #2 just embrace it.

17 Don’t just wink. Send good e-mail!

18 In your profile, don’t say: “My friends say I’m

19 If you get an e-mail from someone that looks like a form letter, don’t respond. This person is either a serial date or a romance scammer.

20 When you send e-mails or respond to e-mails, make it personal. Don’t use templates or the same e-mail over and over again. Copy and paste can get you in trouble.

21 Don’t be afraid to hug on a first date. Don’t be afraid to kiss either.

22 Know your competition. Take some time to browse other profiles of people in your demographic. Then do your best to write a profile and include photos that are one of a kind. In other words, if you are a 25-year-old woman from Denver hoping to meet a guy your same age, look at the profiles of other 25-year-old women in Denver and then show em’ up!

23 Learn to give romantic compliments.

24 Waiting three days to reply to an e-mail or wink is not the “industry standard” in online dating. If you’re online and you’re interested, hit reply and get the conversation started.

25 When someone winks or e-mails you, try to respond within a week. Online daters move fast and you don’t want to miss an opportunity.

26 Do not under any circumstances use this sentence in your profile: “Sometimes I like to go out and sometimes I just like to snuggle on the couch and watch a movie.” Everyone feels this way so it’s not worth saying.

27 You need more than one picture on your profile. Post 5 to 7 photos all of which are a little bit different from one another.

28 If after a good date you still want to go online and browse profiles, don’t feel bad. And do yourself a favor, don’t look to see when your date was last online either. It was just a date. Once you’re official then you can worry about when he was online looking at other profiles.

29 Prepare yourself for some bad dates. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

30 Pick the right profile photos for your single site account.

31 When you meet someone for the first time, meet in a public place and tell a friend where you are going and who you are meeting.

32 Wear a shirt in your online profile photo. Take off your sunglasses too.

33 Looking for love? Use the words “family, one day, long-term, and love” in your profile.

34 Looking for a fling? Use the words “fun, go out, party, casual, and no strings attached” in your profile.

35 Stop being so picky!

36 Don’t ask to call or ask for a date too soon after meeting online. Give it time to get to know someone before you go to the next step.

37 Don’t wait too long to talk or meet either. 3-4 e-mails and 3-4 phone conversations might be the perfect number.

38 A great way to start a conversation is with an online dating icebreaker. Lead the conversation and ask a lot of questions in your e-mails, phone calls, and first dates.

39 If you have kids or want kids, say so. No surprises in this category – ever!

40 Select a handle (a/k/a username) that isn’t cheesy. Even if it means using your first name and your birth date, at least you aren’t trying too hard.

41 99% of all people say they like to travel somewhere within their online profiles. Be the 1% to save that conversation for the first date.

42 Keep your profile short and sweet, but not too short and sweet. 250-300 words is the perfect length.

43 Don’t ever wire money to someone you’ve met online. Online dating scams are common and can truly break the bank.

44 Ask a friend to pick photos for your profile and to review your profile overall. Maybe she’ll think of something great you should say about you!

45 Unless politics, religion, and money define you, don’t emphasize these things in your profile.

46 Avoid all temptation to bring up your previous relationships or heartbreak in a profile, e-mail or first date.

47 If you aren’t having much luck with a particular single site, try another one from our Online Dating Guide. Or go out on a limb and try a matchmaking service like It’s Just Lunch!

48 Change up your profile with new pictures and wording every few weeks.

49 Beware of profiles without photos. Are they shy, hiding something, or stupid?

50 Read DatingTales.net every day for the best online dating advice.

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