Romantic Compliments

Romantic compliments are perfect for those moments when you can’t wait to make your flame know how much you care. Avoid the cheese and go for the heart with some of these unforgettable romantic compliments.

If she or he responds with an “aawwww“, then you know you struck a chord.

1 � Take a line from her favorite movie and it repeat to her. For example, �In case I forget to tell you later, I had a really good time tonight.� (Pretty Woman)

2 � No one ever looks at me the way you do. You’re captivating.

3 � Tonight I want it to just be the two of us. I want all of your attention.

4 � Let�s light these candles so I can watch your eyes sparkle.

5 � I buy you gifts only so I can see you smile.

6 � Will you dance with me, right here? I want everyone to know how happy I am.

7 � Write little notes saying you have a crush on her and that you can’t wait to see her, then stuff the notes in her purse, book, and gym bag.

8 � I love your smell; I wish I could bottle it.

9 � When I see your name on my cell phone caller ID, I still get the butterflies.

10 � I love the way your hand feels in mine.

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