Funny Compliments

So many of the compliments we focus on at Dating Tales are romantic or sweet, but for the love of all things good we just had to come up with a list of compliments that was a little…let’s say…ridiculous (but still funny).

It’s tough being so thoughtful all the time — it’s time we had a good laugh. Here’s your list of funny compliments to use however you wish (note that some of these compliments are adult in nature).

1 – I’d like to wear you ass like a hat.

2 – You’re so hot I would crawl through two miles of broken glass to hear you fart through a walky talky.

3 – You smell prettier than a big basket of Christmas cakes.

4 – I’d learn to speak a strange dialect of any language for you.

5 – I like you more than monkeys like bananas.

6 – If I was a world champion croquet player, I would give it all up for you.

7 – I created a drink and named it after you. Problem is that I liked it so much I got drunk and now I don’t remember what was in it.

8 – I named my bunny after you because he’s soft, cute, and likes to hump a lot.

9 – You are deserving of a good ol’ fashioned romp.

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