The 10 Best Compliments Ever

This is it. These are the 10 best compliments ever. At least according to our readers and according the Dating Tales on-the-street-research. Use em’, come up with your own, and spread the compliments around. There’s no time like the present to make someone feel good.

Compliment 1: Tell him your friends think he’s hot. But maybe don’t tell him who thinks he’s hot. Read more hot compliments for men.

Compliment 2: My life is different since I met you. I’m happier now.

Compliment 3: You understand me.

Compliment 4: You are looking really good. I don’t think I’ve seen you any leaner. Read more of the best compliments for women.

Compliment 5: Some people pay for that hair color and eye color.

Compliment 6: Wanna give bad compliments? Try this one – You look just like I remember. Except, you seem shorter.

Compliment 7: You have a nice smile.

Compliment 8: Give more romantic compliments just like this one … The best moments of my day are with you.

Compliment 9: We always have the best conversations. (This is one of the 20 best dating compliments.)

Compliment 10: You’re different than other girls. Hear more compliments just like this one now.

If this didn’t satisfy your compliment needs, check out our compliment soundboard or our list of the best dating compliments.

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owen March 15, 2011 at 4:45 am

Worst comments ever!! “I don’t think I’ve seen you any skinnier” WTF? Double fail! Skinny is not a complement, nor is suggesting that she was not skinny before.. Let me guess this list was made by a guy. idiot!

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