SHOCK: Women In Red Receives The Most Attention!!!

by Sara on November 3, 2010

I guess we kind of knew already, but now it’s official…

Researchers have discovered that women should wear  red clothes to grab the guys attention.

It is not just the singer Chris de Burgh, who is fond of dancing girls in red. A group of researchers have now discovered that men generally prefer women who have red clothes on, according to the British newspaper The Daily Mail.

The study, which has just been published in the journal European Journal of Social Psychology, concludes that women in red are better at attracting men’s attention. Additionally, men are more flirtatious when they’re with women wearing red clothes, and they also want to move closer to these women.
Women in red makes men… well – horny

It’s a research team from the University of Rochester in the state of New York, who conducted the survey. A group of men were shown  some pictures of some “fairly attractive” women who wore blue clothes.

Another group of men were shown women in red clothing, and according to the researchers, these men acted far more playful and humorous, when they subsequently were to describe them.

Afterwards, all the men were told that they could meet these  women. The men who had seen the pictures of the women in red generally chose to sit closer to the chair where they figured that the woman would sit.

Red signals fertility

According to Niesta Kayser, who has been involved in the study, the phenomenon has its roots in the early evolution. The red color signals fertility, and therefore women in red generally is considered a better catch when it comes to finding a partner who can secure the family, by having some children.
It seems, according to Niesta Kayser, that this is also seen on many of the Internet dating sites. The women who have a profile picture, where they wear red clothes, received on average more inquiries from interested parties.

“Women should definitely wear a red shirt or a red dress when they are getting ready for a date with a man they want,” says Kayser Niesta to The Daily Mail.

Women also wants me in red

However, it’s not only women who should wear red clothes if they will improve their scoring potential. A research that was published a few months ago, showed that men also appears more attractive to women if they have a few red shirts in the closet. According to research, women are attracted sexually to men who have red clothes on.

“Traditionally speaking, red is considered a sexy color when it comes to women dresses, but our findings suggest that the relationship between the color red and sexual attraction also is true for men,”  researcher Andrew Elliot of the University of Rochester writes in the conclusion.

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Darvina November 24, 2010 at 12:31 pm

You don’t have to be a professor to know this is true :-)

Beth November 24, 2010 at 12:51 pm

Red makes men horny? Any color makes them horny!

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