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Do Women Appreciate Compliments Anymore?

November 21, 2010 by Sara  
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Men have a lot of conflicting opinions these days when it comes to giving women compliments. Some men love to flatter women about their beauty and cant understand why it never creates attraction. Other men become bitter because women don’t jump into their arms when they tell her she’s beautiful. Even more guys don’t give women compliments in an effort to differentiate themselves from other men who have hit on her. What if I told you their all right and all wrong at the same time?

If that last statement confuses you, you have a problem. Think about how many times women hear guys say, “you are beautiful” in their lifetime. This compliment means nothing to them; in fact, beautiful women hear this so often they may become annoyed. The problem is three fold, first she hears the typical compliments from every other guy she meets, two, complimenting a women on her looks often comes across as needy and desperate, and last but certainly not least, women want to feel they are desirable for something else other than their looks.

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Luckily for you we are not just presenting the problem here, but the solution as well. We are men and of course we adore women above almost all else. Some times it can be difficult not to tell a women she’s amazing in one respect or another. You can give a woman a compliment but the catch is that you can compliment her on almost anything other than her looks. The attitude you should have about women is that beauty is a common thing, what make a woman worthy of your praise are her qualities as an individual.

To make this concept a little easier for you we can cover a few ideas. A woman hears she is beautiful constantly but how many men do you think have complimented her on her style or being well dressed? Not many if any men have said to her “I like your style” or “I think you’re the best dressed women here.” Just remember to stay away from complimenting specific items she is wearing because she may think your gay. Some other examples of great compliments are her energy or attitude, her sense of humor or quick wit, her taste in music, movie, etc., and how she carries herself.

You should see that these are genuine compliments about who she is as an individual. This kind of complement will make her feel good the way you intended. You will also notice that it takes more observation and true appreciation on your part. Are you up to it?
Now there is one last thing to remember when complimenting any women. Your delivery is just as important as the words themselves. Most men sound insecure or in ah of a women when they compliment her, often looking at her like a puppy dog begging for a treat. Your compliments should be delivered in a matter of fact kind of tone. This means you are simply expressing an observation and you are indifferent as to how she reacts to your comment. This will communicate an attitude of confidence and security with yourself.

As you can see it is possible to make women feel good by complimenting them without looking needy or shallow. As with many aspects of our interactions with women the underlying attitude or context of the interaction is more important than the exact words you use. So keep reading and learning through experience.

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