Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sample Online Profile – Wanda, 39

Handle – THEWanda
Name – Wanda
Age – 39
Location – Tulsa
Seeking – Single man in his late 30s with kids of his own
Interests – Spending time with kids, lying motionless on the couch, Ultimate Fighting

About Me
I have four kids; Jane, 12; Rex, 10; Tommy, 6; and Jacinda, 2. My kids are my world. In fact, my oldest even helped me write this profile. Whoever I end up with would need to love my kids as his own.

Before I became a full-time mom I was a graphic designer for a magazine. I still do quite a bit of freelance work, which pays the bills and keeps me busy, but I’m really more interested in keeping the home fires burning.

At heart I’m an artist. I didn’t come by graphic design on accident. Both of my parents were artists so I’ve spent my whole life painting and sculpting. Every week I spend an evening working on something creative; I don’t feel right unless I’ve created something or focused on something abstract. One of my favorite pieces is a clay replica of my living room—the piece even has little figures of my kids and our dog.

I’m not exactly a romantic, but I am looking to meet a man who I can sweep off his feet. I enjoy being the caretaker and looking after someone. This isn’t meant to be overbearing, it is only meant to be affectionate.

If you are a family man willing to get your hands a little dirty with clay, send me a message.

Profile critique

One great thing – Nice job describing your creative edge and incorporating that throughout your profile including the closing sentence.

One not-so-great-thing – Hold your horses on all this kid talk. Yes, you should mention it, but you shouldn’t devote paragraphs to it nor should you ask someone you’ve never met to love your kids. That might be a little too much.


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