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Sample Online Dating Profile – Caroline, 26

February 20, 2009 by Sara  
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As part of the Dating Tales series on sample online dating profile examples, this post is dedicated to a fictional online dater named Caroline.

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Handle – DownwardDog26
Name – Caroline
Age – 26
Location – San Diego
Seeking – Fun, single guy under 30
Interests – Kickball, chick lit, happy hour, yoga

About Me
My friends say I’m laid back, easy going, and a great listener. I value what my friends say too. Since I’m far from my family I depend on my close circle of friends for most everything.

I manage to stay pretty busy. Between my job, friends, and hobbies, I’m rarely even home. But when I am home, I love to curl up with a good girlie book and the softest cat in the world: Loafers. Loafers has been with me since high school—she even made it through college at UCLA with me too. She and I are great buddies. We both love tuna fish and we both purr:)

My love of animals is probably a result of my upbringing. My parents own a ranch right outside of Montpelier, Vermont, so good old-fashioned country fun was easily had. Between pet chickens and makeshift dirt bike ramps, my brothers and I managed to entertain ourselves pretty well.

It’s a different story today. There’s hardly enough room at my apartment for Loafers and after a couple of broken arms I’ve left the dirt biking behind me. Now, all my exercise happens at the beach or at the yoga studio

Do you yoga?

Profile critique

One good thing – Caroline did a great job describing her cat. A profile doesn’t need to be 100% about you. It’s okay to express yourself describing other things too.

One not-so-great-thing – Since most people say “My friends say…”, then you shouldn’t. It is cliché and you’d be better off illustrating who you are with examples.

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