Online Dating Scams

by Sara on January 27, 2009

I spent a little time today browsing the Internet for information on online dating scams. I knew that scams were prevalent in all areas of the Web (and life), but it turns out that online dating scams are so prevalent that even the FBI is getting involved.

It’s sad to think about how these online dating scammers are leaving so many heartbroken people in their wake.

If you are on any online dating site, then I’m sure you’ve been approached by a scammer. They are often from other countries claiming they are looking for love or a family. Here’s a message I got from a Colombian fellow.

I`m hope found a good and honest women.

Sure you are buddy.

Now that’s not to say that all men from Colombia (or anywhere else in the world) who contacts me is a scammer, but when I say I only want to meet people within 50 miles of my town and I get one of these messages every few weeks, I’d say the chances are pretty high that I’m looking at a romance scammer.

There is a Web site called Stop-Scammers that focuses solely on online dating scams. even has pictures of the top scammers from around the globe with details of who they have scammed and where (the even list the single site where they’ve been spotted).

It seems that the common thread among scams is the request for a random dollar amount so that he or she can help a dying loved one — or better yet fly to America so that you can be together.

I have one question: Why do people send so much money to strangers overseas? Just because you’ve emailed and talked on the phone, that doesn’t make it love.

And here I felt a little strange asking for my readers to buy me a  beer.

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