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Holiday Gifts – Top 16 Movies Every Guy Likes

November 3, 2008 by Sara  
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Don’t know what to get your new guy for the Holidays and don’t want to spend too much money either? You can always default to a movie that you know he’ll like. Guys are predictable like that.


1. National Lampoon’s Animal House
2. Caddyshack
3. Old School
4. Wedding Crashers
5. The 40-Year-Old Virgin
6. Office Space
7. Tommy Boy

Action and Adventure

8. Any James Bond Movie
9. The Godfather
10. Apocalypse Now
11. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
12. The Crow
13. Easy Rider

War Movies

14. Full Metal Jacket
15. Saving Private Ryan
16. Platoon

Don’t forget the popcorn.

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4 Responses to “Holiday Gifts – Top 16 Movies Every Guy Likes”
  1. groovehouse says:

    That’s a pretty good list!

    Found your site via The Bloggess… love that Jenny!

  2. Sara says:

    Thanks for the visit. The Bloggess is pretty funny.


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